Telemetry is a technology that allows the measuring of different physical magnitudes while sending the collected data to different system operators, through either a wireless or a wired connection.

More than 11 years of experience creating “key-in-hand” successful systems for several industries:


Electric power



We have the experience and professionalism for conducting:

  • An optimal signal propagation study.
  • An adequate control programming engineering (UTR).
  • An accurate reading of the general onsite data to be reported to the main control switch (central station).
  • Microwave communication, allowing remote-access data.
  • GPRS communications to reduce costs within the cell-phone covered geographical areas.



Technology that allows the measurement and sending of information via wireless or wired

Save effort and time

What are the features of our system?


Open SCADA system

  • Allows the user/client to have access to develop and modify their applications.

Comprehensive SCADA Software. What does it include?

  • Real-time log
  • GIS System
  • Reporting suite
  • Event journal
  • OPC Server
  • Graphing suite

Our SCADA system can be visualized in monitoring and control screens through software-made renders (3d Max, Maya and Blue Ray), which makes it really user-friendly.

Real-time monitoring systems in critical areas.

  • We increase our safety through the implementation of video cameras, directly connected through broadband radio devices.


  • Manages remote assets, distributed within a geographically dispersed infrastructure.
  • User-friendly setting tools, which helps the user to develop and implement solutions suitable for almost any size.
  • Location support, GIS mapping and integration: backed up by the GPS coordinates, this system is highly consistent geographically, and it is able to provide alarm, filtering and visualization notifications based in the location for both fixed and mobile assets.
  • Reduces operational costs.
  • Logs in to every company and IT systems (for example: it allows measuring data recording at the company’s invoice system).
  • Better decision-making process.
  • Protects your investment by expanding SCADA systems.
  • Open SCADA system, which allows access with no-restrictions.
  • Hardware and Software redundancy.
  • Our system allows the modification and update of in-house programs remotely, without interrupting SCADA.

We also offer


Client training in order to develop its own integrations.


Timely post-sale service.


Tailored interface, depending on your operational needs.

Types of industries


Our solutions are ideal for the following industries:










We integrate solutions with products: 

Schneider Electric

Accutech wireless transmitters,

UTR Scada Pack,

ClearScada Scada Software, smart solutions.


Guarantees and Certificates

Our equipment of TRSS is guaranteed by defect of manufacture and parts by 3 years. Other equipment can count on guarantee and certifications depending on the request of our clients.

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