European, Japanese and American high-quality valves,
with better technical specs than those currently found in the Mexican market.


Our Brands

Butterfly valves
Blade valves
Thermo-plastic valves
Teflon liner valves
Check valves
Control valves
Steam traps

Our Products




Improve your productivity by using better technology and longlasting valves.

Direct technical support given by specialists of our represented brands.

In-situ foreign staff support, whenever necessary (for special projects).

Able to customize valve designs according to your needs.

What issues do we solve?

Recurrent failures in conventional valves.

Stoppage in production lines.

High costs on predictive and corrective maintenance activities.

Premature wearing down or fails due to a wrong valve installation.


Types of industries


We have been part of the process improvements in the following industries:



Water distribution and treatment systems



Sugar production

Power generation

Food and beverages




Guarantees and certificates

Our products are guaranteed; If needed, we have several European and American certifications depending on the valve (type and make).

Contact Us

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