Enhance the security of your process and your staff; decrease line stoppage incidents, reduce your operational costs and increase your profit by using high-tech and longstanding valves with better-than-conventional technical specs.


You can control the uniformity and quality of your production processes by adding value to your customers with products 100% within specifications. Efficiently manage and reduce production costs within the plant with high-precision, European and Japanese quality instruments.


Avoid unnecessary field trips and take immediate actions; be more efficient when using your own resources and meet the market needs by controlling even at the most remote places.



Inova Control is a distributor of top-of-the-art instruments and valves. We implement avant-gard solutions in automation, process control and telemetry by using and applying this technology in several industries, including mining, water distribution and systems, chemistry, steel, etc.

We create value for our clients by offering them valves and measuring instruments produced to minimize production line stoppage and to foster safer practices to staff members, resulting in an environmentally responsible operation. We are mainly focused to reduce operational costs and better KPIs, thus resulting in a more profitable business.

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